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Hone your angling skills at our waterfront parks.

Head down to the fishing grounds at one of our waterfront parks to relax while enjoying a scenic view.


Ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone by:

  • Respecting one another
    • Select a fishing spot that is a distance away from boats, other anglers or visitors engaged in water activities.
    • Be mindful of your surroundings when casting your fishing line.
    • Avoid stringing your fishing line across the path as the transparent fishing line may not be visible to others.
    • Be considerate to other anglers.
  • Minimising your impact on the environment
    • Take note of the protected species that you must release if caught.
    • Practise catch-and-release fishing. If you are not planning to eat the fish, release it back into the water as quickly as possible.
    • Dispose of trash such as fishing lines, old hooks and bait into litter bins.
    • Otters may be spotted. Do not harm them.
    • Use only artificial bait and carbon steel micro barb or barbless hooks when fishing at reservoirs and waterways.
      • You may be fined up to $3,000 if you are caught violating fishing regulations.
  • Being safe and responsible
    • Fish only in designated fishing areas.
    • Learn about how to fish sustainably in our waters. (PDF, 3.38MB)
    • Check the weather forecast and be prepared for different conditions. Stop fishing and seek shelter in inclement weather.

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