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Nature walks and tours at Fort Canning Park

Free of charge for a self-guided walk. $7.50 per person for a guided tour.

Ways to enjoy nature at Fort Canning Park

Throughout the different phases of Singapore's rich history and rapid development, the trees and plants in Fort Canning Park have always lent their lush greenery and provided an oasis of tranquility to park visitors.

As you discover Singapore's ancient and colonial history through exhibits and artefacts found in the park, take a moment to admire the biodiversity thriving on this hill in the following ways:

  • Do a self-guided walk at your own pace.
  • Join a guided group tour.

Self-guided walk

Go on a self-guided walk along our suggested trails.

Follow the trail and ignite your senses in the fragrant Spice Garden. Connect with nature as you observe how our common kitchen herbs and spices look in plant form.

View the Spice Garden walking trail guide (includes map) (PDF, 1.22MB)

Quick facts

Difficulty level: Moderate

Distance: 1km

Estimated walking time: 30 minutes


  • Learn to identify over 25 spices that we highlight. These are only a small fraction of the 180 varieties that are grown in the enhanced Spice Garden.
  • Find out which spice used to be worth more than gold, influencing the rise and fall of empires.
  • Discover the medicinal properties of herbs such as mint, laksa leaves, betel leaves and marvel at how spices like turmeric and cloves help to flavour so many of our popular local dishes.

Soak in the beauty and majesty of trees by going on our Trees of the Fort Trail, which will introduce you to 25 glorious trees in Fort Canning Park.

The Kapok, for instance, stands out due to its sheer size and thorny bark. The Malayan Banyan offers a marvellous sight with its aerial roots hanging down. One of the Madras Thorns you get to see here is Singapore’s largest to date. If you've ever wondered how a tree would look like upside down, the Baobab is the tree to visit.

View the Trees of the Fort walking trail guide (includes map) (PDF, 3.13MB)

As part of NParks’ efforts to conserve mature trees in Singapore, several trees have been given the heritage tree status under Singapore’s Heritage Tree Scheme. There are currently 262 listed heritage trees, of which 15 are in Fort Canning Park. 6 of them can be seen along this walking trail.

View the heritage trees of Fort Canning Park guide (includes map) to find out their exact locations in the park.

Quick facts

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance: 2km

Estimated walking time: 45 minutes


  • View trees that have been handpicked for the trail due to their interesting features which set them apart from other trees in the park.
  • View majestic heritage trees in their natural surroundings.

Guided group tour: Trees of the Fort Tour

Did you know that a Kapok tree can grow up to 70 metres tall? Join our nature-loving guide for an insightful tour and learn interesting and awe-inspiring facts about the trees of Fort Canning Park.

Pick out heritage trees from the rest, and visit crowd favourites such as the soft and papery Gelam and gnarled Madras Thorn!

Group size: Minimum 15 participants per group

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $7.50 per person

How to register

You will have to send an email at least 1 month in advance.


  • Even if your group size is smaller than the minimum number required, you will still be charged based on the minimum number of participants.
  • National Parks Board reserves the right to revise the rates without prior notice.