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Venues for booking at Fort Canning Park

About the venues for booking

If you are looking for an open space to organise your outdoor event or activity, you can consider one of the following venues for booking within Fort Canning Park.


  • Booking sessions are on a 4-hourly or per-day basis. Different booking rates apply for each venue.
  • All bookings must be made 2 months prior to the event date.
  • Peak periods are from Friday to Sunday. Off-peak periods are from Tuesday to Thursday.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have chosen a venue that suits your event’s capacity, safety and space requirements. You may wish to conduct a site recce to determine the suitability of the venue spaces.
  • All bookings for event spaces at HortPark are managed by Event Butler. Contact them today to make an appointment for a site recce.

2 lawn areas are situated at the foot of the Raffles House, where Sir Stamford Raffles built his private residence in the 1800s. Here you will find a cosy, open outdoor space that offers a beautiful backdrop suitable for picnics, family or corporate events.

Thrill your guests with another heritage icon: the flagstaff that sits here is a replica of the original one that used to stand on Fort Canning Hill. It was used to provide pertinent information on the arrival, identity, location, and status of ships entering Singapore's harbour.

Size: 1,600sqm
500 pax (seating), 1000 pax (standing)
Booking fee: $1,944 (off-peak), $2,160 (peak)

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With a massive standing capacity of 7,000 pax (or 500 pax for seating) in a well-known location within central Singapore, Fort Canning Green is one of the favourite outdoor and open-air concert venues among music entertainment acts.

The expansive space is also suitable for hosting outdoor movie screenings and carnivals.

Size: 11,500sqm
500 pax (seating), 7,000 pax (standing)
Booking fee: $1,080 (off-peak), $1,296 (peak)

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Named after the remnant of 19th century Fort Gate that sits next to this lawn, this space has been an increasingly popular venue for carnivals, concerts and weddings. The scenic space here is also suitable for movie screenings and team-building activities.

The venue has a capacity of 600 pax (seating) or 2,500 pax (standing). For increased capacity, you can book this together with the Old Married Soldier’s Quarters located next to it.

Size: 4,500sqm
Capacity: 600 pax (seating), 2,500 pax (standing)
Booking fee: $648 (peak and off-peak)

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This restored structure was used to house married British soldiers and their families, hence its name. Now it is available for hosting wedding receptions, birthday parties, team-building activities or small garden functions across both its indoor and outdoor areas.

The indoor venue has a capacity of 40 pax (seating), and the outdoor venue has a capacity of 400 pax (seating), or 1,000 pax (standing). For increased capacity, you can book this together with the Fort Gate located next to it.

Size: 3,000sqm (outdoor) and 100sqm (indoor)
40 pax (seating indoor), 400 pax (seating outdoor), 1,000 pax (standing outdoor)
Booking fee:
$648 per day (peak and off-peak) or $185.16 for a minimum of 4 hours (add on at $46.29/hour)

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This exclusive and conserved colonial house at the top of the hill used to be Sir Stamford Raffles' private residence. It comes with an air-conditioned indoor facility, an outdoor lawn area and sweeping views of the city skyline.

Size: 1,000 sqm (outdoor) and 100 sqm (indoor)
Capacity: 80 pax (standing indoor), 150 pax (standing indoor + outdoor) or 80 pax (seating indoor), 100 pax (seating indoor + outdoor)
Booking fee:

4-hours (minimum)

$493.72 off-peak

$555.44 peak

Per hour (add-on)

$123.43 off-peak

$138.86 peak

Full day

$1,728 off-peak

$1,944 peak

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This large open space at the foothills of Fort Canning Park is spacious, accessible and has a versatile layout waiting to be transformed for your event.

Let guests enjoy the lush greenery and the rustic charm of the nearby ancillary buildings as you host your next movie screening, carnival or Family Day celebrations.

Size: 1,600sqm
500 pax (seating), 1,000 pax (standing)
Booking fee:
$1,296 (peak and off-peak)

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Housed in the historic Fort Canning Centre, a former British army barrack, the Function Hall is an expansive indoor venue suited to hosting social or corporate events.

Capacity: 150 pax (seating with stage), 180 pax (standing with stage)
Booking fee:

4-hours (minimum)$1200 (off-peak and peak)
Per hour (add-on)$300 (off-peak and peak)
Full day$2400 (off-peak and peak)