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Nature playgarden at HortPark

6am to 11pm

About the nature playgarden

Surrounded by greenery and sounds of nature, the Nature Playgarden at HortPark is designed to encourage preschool children to spend more time outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Bring along some scoops or sand toys, and let your children’s imagination run wild as they explore the 9 different play features.


The nature playgarden is lit by sunlight only. Avoid letting children play here after dark and during bad weather.

The Building Huts is divided into 2 sub-zones, one filled with sand and the other with gravel, and 3 log teepees for your little ones to play in. The teepees' open sides let children dart in and out and give ample space for them to create structures using twigs, branches, or big dried fronds found in the play areas.

This feature stimulates creativity and the development of motor skills. Your child can also develop communication and social skills through teamwork and playing together with other children when building houses and castles using natural materials such as timber cookies, wooden poles and tools provided at the Tool Board next to The Building Huts.

Engage in musical play at The Singing Seeds, where hanging bamboo poles of different sizes create different chimes when your child moves the poles and when the wind blows.

There are also hollow musical seesaws and wheels filled with seeds from the Saga Tree, Rubber Tree and seed pods of the Rattleweed. Rock, spin, and listen to the sound of the rolling seeds!

This feature invites children to connect to nature through sound, touch and other sensory experiences.

Hide or take shelter in the log tunnels of The Magical Woods! These tunnels are surrounded by clusters of the Dillenia species, a genus of tropical flowering plants known for medicinal properties.

Try to spot the Purple Simpoh, Philippines Simpoh and Yellow Simpoh and encourage your little ones to observe the birds and insects that pollinate the flowers and eat the fruits of the colourful Dillenia species.

In this area, water flows through a series of channels carved from logs. The sight and feel of water stimulate the senses and invite your child to explore whether different materials will float or sink.

You can also encourage your child to manipulate the flow of water by adding obstacles and constructing dams using any materials on hand.

Escape to The Kitchen, where playing pretend cooking is a game that never gets old! Prompt your child to surprise you with their wildest and most adventurous gourmet creations using loose materials such as dried fruits and leaves, or sit back and watch the magic from your little chefs unfold.

Children who love to move will be thrilled by The Big Fig Adventure, where an open log play area awaits them.

Find a collection of logs that have been fashioned into steps, a log hill and also a table for gatherings. The stepping stones will challenge children and develop their motor skills as they climb, balance, and jump – all while growing stronger!

Make your way to The Log Valley, where logs have been installed along the existing topography of the area. Your child can climb over them, balance on them, sit on them or play with them in any way, guided by his or her creativity! Playing here helps little ones develop physical fitness, motor skills, social skills and confidence.

After the rain, your child can also observe water flow below the logs, enhancing the experience of the nature playgarden through seeing and hearing water.

Take shelter from the elements or have a quiet moment in a grove of bamboo at The Secret Den.

Your child can watch how the sunlight streaming through the bamboo creates diffused lighting and how light and shadows change as the day passes, adding an extra dimension to the space. Let your child experience seeking shade and rest in nature, and develop a deeper appreciation for our natural environment.