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War relics at Labrador Nature Reserve

About the war relics at Labrador Nature Reserve

Several World War II relics and replicas can be found around Labrador Nature Reserve and many of these are now surrounded by forest or integrated into the nature reserve's amenities.

Refer to the following to find out more about them.

Located along the coast, this preserved pillbox is now a feature of an old school playground. This bunker was built to guard 12-pounder guns on the hill right above. Another machine gun bunker is located behind Toilet B.

Unearthed in 2001, these underground tunnels are believed to have been for ammunition storage. They are closed to the public and can only be accessed on NParks tours.

Through the Old Fort Entrance and next to Carpark B lies a tall brick wall. This "Wall of The Brick Cutting" is the remnant of a fort built in about 1886. Protecting the fort was a portcullis (or vertical iron gate) that spanned the gateway of this sea-wall and closed off entry from the seaward side.

To protect the entrance to Keppel Harbour during World War II, two 6-inch guns were stationed at the Labrador Battery but were destroyed when Singapore fell. The relic of the 6-inch gun displayed here was discovered at the former Beach Road Camp in 2001 and relocated.

Situated at the highest point of the hill, this structure was built in 1886 as an ammunition store. It was also a shelter for gunners and infantry groups stationed at the fort.