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Park Detail

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Changi Beach Park

Experience a kampung ambience at one of Singapore's oldest coastal parks, with its white beaches, barbecue pits, playgrounds, fitness equipment and more.

Changi Beach Park is located on the Eastern Coastal Loop and Round Island Route of the Park Connector Network.


Along Nicoll Drive and Changi Coast Road

Park information

Park size
28 hectares
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Opening hours
Open 24 hours
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Parking information

There are 7 carparks. Parking fees apply.

  • Carpark 1 (along Nicoll Drive): 66 car lots, 11 motorcycle lots, 2 lots for handicapped visitors
  • Carpark 2 (along Nicoll Drive): 20 car lots, 1 lot for handicapped visitors
  • Carpark 3 (along Nicoll Drive): 37 car lots, 13 motorcycle lots, 2 lots for handicapped visitors
  • Carpark 4 (along Nicoll Drive): 78 car lots, 28 motorcycle lots, 2 lots for handicapped visitors, 2 bus lots
  • Carpark 5 (along Nicoll Drive): 38 car lots, 15 motorcycle lots, 1 lot for handicapped visitors
  • Carpark 6 (along Changi Coast Road): 32 car lots, 2 motorcycle lots, 1 lot for handicapped visitors
  • Carpark 7 (along Changi Ferry Road): 78 car lots, 4 motorcycle lots, 1 lot for handicapped visitors
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Wheelchair accessible
  • Do take care when you explore the intertidal area as it is a fragile habit. Do not touch, trample or collect the wildlife. Find out more about intertidal areas and what to take note of.
  • Do wear covered shoes as there are sharp rocks or wildlife with spines in the area.
  • Do not camp or use tents, as it is not allowed.
  • Find out more about the dos and don'ts you should follow when visiting the park.

What to see

Special features


The promontory offers a scenic open space to enjoy the sea breeze. Look out to sea to spot Pulau Ubin in the horizon.

World War II Memorial Plaque
World War II Memorial Plaque

This monument plaque highlights the Changi Beach Massacre that happened in 1942 during World War II.

Plant and animals


This native tree was once common in mangrove and coastal areas pre-urbanisation. Look out for its beautiful bluish-purple fruits, which are eaten by bulbuls.

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Enjoy the shade from this avenue of Casuarina trees located between Carparks 6 and 7.

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Spot this native giant tree that can reach heights of 30m. Its flowers are yellowish-brown and its timber is prized for furniture and construction.

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Petai Laut
Petai Laut

Another native tree, the Petai Laut has white pea-shaped flowers and brown seed pods. Its leaves are used in traditional medicine as a health tonic.

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What to do




Book one of the 20 barbecue pits by the beach for a fun time cooking and eating in the outdoors.


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