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Themed gardens at HortPark

About the themed gardens

HortPark houses a collection of themed gardens that are unique to the park. These gardens are specially designed to engage visitors and gardening enthusiasts and encourage everyone to embrace greenery in their homes and lifestyles.

HortPark is divided into 5 broad zones for you to explore. Each zone may contain one or more gardens. View the park map (PDF, 2.18MB) and choose a few gardens to visit based on your interests, or take a slow and enjoyable stroll through all!

Ornamental Zone

Refer to the following for more information on the gardens within this zone.

Floral Walk is a tropical cut flower garden, featuring plants often used for flower arrangements. Here, you will find a range of heliconia, ginger and banana plants – all of which produce flamboyant flowers – and filler plants with ornamental foliage.

Its location near the main entrance of HortPark helps to welcome our visitors with warm, vibrant colours and stunning shapes and textures.

Vertical gardens not only beautify spaces but also offer thermal insulation, filter the air and provide habitats for urban wildlife.

Come to Vertical Greenery and bring home ideas on how you can enhance walls and building facades with various mixes of plants.

Explore the mysterious Silver Garden, where silver-, grey- and white-hued plants are set against a backdrop of green landscape. A beautiful contrast against the deep greens found in the tropical forests of our climate.

Exploratory Zone

Refer to the following for more information on the gardens within this zone.

Do you love cooking for family and friends? Spice up your kitchen with a backyard garden, where you can grow edibles and use them for teatime snacks, desserts and beverages.

Visit My Backyard Kitchen for ideas on various aromatic herbs, spices and edible flowers that grow well in local Singapore weather and fit right in with our Asian cuisine.

Go on a virtual tour of My Backyard Kitchen.

Espalier is the art of growing plants against a flat surface or structure, by training the plants' trunks and limbs to grow along a certain pattern and produce attractive designs.

Espalier plants bear fruits in larger volumes than usual, and often their fruits are within easy reach. Drop by the Espalier Garden for ideas and learn how to start growing your own espaliers!

Discover over 100 species of plants that are native to Singapore in this unique garden, the first of its kind in Singapore. We have categorised the plants based on how they are used – as medicine, food, or timber or to enhance habitats for birds and butterflies.

With flowing streams, wood logs, stones, and native fish and plant species, the Native Garden mimics a natural landscape and attracts native fauna like birds and insects.

Did you know that butterflies are crucial to our local ecosystem? Pop over to the Butterfly Garden where we have planted suitable nectar and host plants to breed a variety of butterflies, including those deemed to be vulnerable.

Download the Butterfly Garden Trail guide(PDF, 2.95MB) for more knowledge tidbits during your time in this scenic garden.

Not all gardens grow on soft ground. Swing by the Rock Garden, where rocks form part of the aesthetic landscape.

Consisting of 3 zones (Canyon, Boulder Valley and the Grotto), the Rock Garden showcases the details and uniqueness of different plant forms. Look out for plants that resemble creatures, plants with spiky, pointy or twisted leaves and stems, and plants with a droopy, hanging form.

Go on a virtual tour of the Rock Garden.

Community Gardening Zone

Refer to the following for more information on the gardens within this zone.

The SG50 Community in Bloom Gardens were launched at the Community Garden Festival in 2015 to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

Enjoy the three sub-themes of "People & Plants", "People & Spaces", and "People & Landscapes" and honour Singapore's heritage by appreciating our local biodiversity!

Specially designed for the primary school science curriculum, this garden features a "classroom in a garden" where children from 5 to 10 years old can get hands-on lessons on nature exploration, garden diversity, seed dispersal methods and the life cycle of plants. Bring your children here and bond over conversations about science, gardening, and our natural world.

Schools can also book the available workshops and tours designed for experiential learning here.

Discover various leafy, colourful vegetables and heirloom varieties that can be used in our cuisines at the Valley of the Edibles.

Learn how you too can incorporate sustainable gardening practices in your garden from the showcases.

Go on a virtual tour of the Valley of the Edibles.

A secret behind every bountiful harvest is an abundance of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. Head down to the Pollinator-friendly Edible Garden to learn more about the relationship between pollinators and edible plants.

Go on a virtual tour of the Pollinator-friendly Edible Garden.

Admire the lovingly nurtured plants of gardening enthusiasts at the allotment garden (comprising 2.5 m x 1 m raised planter beds), with plots that are leased out to members of the public.

Equipped with built-in storage and nearby water points, each plot can be leased for 3 years. Have a look around the allotment garden for inspiration and ideas on plant varieties and gardening techniques to try at home.

The therapeutic garden at HortPark is Singapore’s first therapeutic garden in a public park and serves as a reference for more therapeutic gardens across Singapore. It boosts design elements and user-friendly features to meet the needs of the elderly, including those with mobility issues and health conditions such as dementia.

Come relax and unwind in the well-shaded garden here, and find comfort in the attractive colours, interesting textures and sounds of nature.

Find out more about therapeutic gardens.

Join therapeutic horticulture programmes

This park offers therapeutic horticulture programmes. Therapeutic horticulture programmes maximise the features of a therapeutic garden through the use of plants and nature-related activities.

They are conducted by trained persons for senior citizen groups or people with dementia and other special needs.

Find out how you can join or start a therapeutic horticulture programme.

Tranquillity Zone

Refer to the following for more information on the gardens within this zone.

Designed with preschoolers in mind and built with natural materials, the Nature Playgarden encourages children to spend more time outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Let them explore the 9 different play features while enjoying the breeze and leaves rustling in the wind.

Find out more about the nature playgarden at HortPark.

In the Golden Garden, the plants add a warm pop of colour to the surroundings, providing a visual contrast to the Silver Garden.

This zone is planted with trees that have contributed their names to some of Singapore’s roads and towns. How many roads and trees can you recognise?

Find out more about the Streets of Singapore walking trail.