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Parks and nature reserves etiquette

Find out the dos and don'ts in our parks and nature reserves to protect wildlife, conserve the environment and ensure the safety of everyone.

The rules are important for the safety of the flora and fauna in our parks and nature reserves, and to ensure you and other visitors have an enjoyable experience.

When in an intertidal zone

An intertidal zone is a fragile habitat between the highest and lowest tidemarks.

Refer to the following intertidal etiquette to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:


Do not

Wear covered shoes as there may be sharp rocks, animals with spines and other dangers that could cause injury.

Touch anything unfamiliar as some wildlife can bite, pinch or sting to defend themselves.

Avoid handling wildlife unless trained to do so.

Litter as it could harm marine animals.

Watch where you step to avoid trampling on any wildlife so that they can thrive in their natural habitats.

Use tools like tongs or chopsticks to pick up wildlife.

Respect the wildlife and photograph the animals in their natural habitats as this is less stressful for them.

Remove wildlife from their natural habitat as they are unlikely to survive for long when taken out of their natural habitat.

In addition, each species has its own ecological function and contributes to the health of intertidal habitats.

If you are participating in a guided walk, our trained guides may show you animals that are relatively safe to touch.

Touch the animals gently as they may be brittle, and avoid passing them around or dropping them which could cause them stress.

Refer to the intertidal infographic and the secret shores of Singapore guide to find out more about the intertidal etiquettes and intertidal animals before you explore such areas.